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Laser Resources, a business division of LRM Technologies, was founded in 1992 to promote the use of laser technology and related products for industry in Australia and New Zealand. Laser Resources sold and serviced the latest industrial laser systems from Germany’s leading laser supplier, Rofin-Sinar Laser.
Since the 90’s, technology has advanced substantially, and so has Laser Resources. In 2016, US leading laser technology provider Coherent, Inc. acquired Rofin-Sinar Laser. This meant exciting new opportunities emerged and a significantly extended product range. The Coherent range of industrial lasers incorporates brands such as Rofin-Sinar, OR Lasertechnology and DILAS Diodenlaser. Laser Resources continues to be the sales and service partners for Coherent range of industrial laser system in Australia and New Zealand. 
In 2020, Laser Resources established a partnership with Italy’s Cutlite Penta, a world leader in laser cutting machine tools. This partnership complements the suite of products form Coherent, allowing Laser Resources to supply the widest range of manufacturing-oriented laser systems to the Australian and New Zealand markets, from compact, easy-to-use lasers right up to multi-axis, CNC systems that cater for large, complex products.
The Laser Resources team aims to cooperatively develop and implement the use of laser technologies in industry to help customers take advantage of the benefits of laser material processing. We offer complete service and support, with factory trained technicians, for each of the products we sell. Laser Resources also welcomes customer enquiries for service, support and application trials.

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