EasyMark Series

The Easy Solution for Laser Marking and Engraving

The Coherent EasyMark Series lasers are self-contained, table-top laser systems, capable of performing a wide variety of laser marking, annealing, engraving, and cutting across a many materials. These compact, laser safe (Class I) laser systems feature manual loading of parts and camera-supported positioning. They can process most metals and non-metals. The powerful software provides interfaces, support features, 3D engraving, etc. The EasyMark series of laser marking and engraving systems are available in number of configurations:
  • EasyMark: The standard configuration to cater for general purpose laser marking and engraving requirements
  • EasyMark XL: An extended (taller) version which allows for larger lenses, more varied optical configurations and caters for larger workpieces.
  • EasyJewel (standard and XL): The Jewellery upgrade, which provides a unique RMM (Ring Marking Module) and EasyJewel software interface to cater specifically for engraving of jewellery pieces.
The EasyMark series is ideal for laser marking and engraving in the medical device manufacturing, electronics and jewellery markets.
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