Fiber LME Series

Fiber Laser cutting with Low Operating Costs

The Cutlite Penta Fiber LME Series of laser cutting machine tools are some of the most efficient and most reliable available on the market. Using linear motors, very high cutting speeds are achievable with precise accuracy for sheet metal processing. The Cutlite Penta proprietary cutting head’s improved fluid dynamics allows high pressure cutting consuming less nitrogen than the competition. This translates into a considerable economic saving. Equipped with features like: autofocussing cutting head with adaptive mirror; automatic nozzle changing, cleaning and calibration; automatic sheet recognition system to recognise the rotation and translation of the metal sheet; Cutlite Penta's family of LME laser cutting machine tools combines the ability to produce the highest edge quality with high productivity and low operating costs. The Fiber LME comes in various cutting bed sizes from 1m to 4m with automatic pallet changer. Powered by IPG fiber lasers from 1kw to 4kw.
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