META Series

Compact, Flatbed Laser Cutting Systems

The Coherent META series are flexible CO2 laser processing machines designed for cutting and engraving a wide range of materials. They offer a unique combination of compact size, low operating cost, ease-of-use, and high operational versatility. This makes them useful for processing a broad mix of materials, ranging from metals and plastics, to organic materials like leather, textiles, or wood. Rapid switching between jobs without the downtime of lengthy setup supports economical production of lot sizes from single units to volumes of over 1000 pieces.
  • The META 5C-4 (450W) and META 5C-2 (250W) models are ideally suited to cutting of acrylic, wood, and other organic materials, as well as thin metals.
  • The META 10C (1,000W) is ideally suited to thicker metal sheets, but is also capable of cutting organic materials.
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