StarCut Tube

When Precision Matters Most

The Coherent StarCut Tube family are multi-axes (3 or 4) CNC laser cutting solutions for fully automated cutting of tubes and flat materials. These systems are especially well suited for laser processing of medical instruments and implants like stents and other high-precision parts. With CNC-driven rotary, x, y and z axes and a solid granite machine set-up, the Coherent StarCut Tube systems are capable of ultra-precise processing of oval tubes or flat parts which are taper-free and even offset (if required). A new tube loading module with a side-loading magazine for tubes of 2 to 20mm diameter and up to 3m length allows for fully automated hands-off production. The Coherent StarCut Tube systems can be powered with Coherent’s USP (Ultra Short Pulse) or fiber lasers, and can achieve contour accuracies of better than +/- 5µm. Femtosecond lasers allow cold laser cutting of almost all metals and low-melting biodegradable polymer materials for scaffolds.
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